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Enjoy a quiet & relaxing evening before your procedure.

limit food

& fluids

NO solid food & only limited fluids after midnight (12 AM).

  • You may have a total of three (3) ounces of clear liquids until three hours before your surgery. 

    • Examples of clear liquids include: water, fruit juice without pulp, clear tea, & black coffee.

  • If your surgery is being done under local anesthesia only, there are no restrictions on eating or drinking prior to your surgery unless otherwise instructed by your physician.​


Take medication only as directed during your pre-surgery phone call.

  • If you are on heart, blood pressure, or anti-cholesterol medications, you should take them as you normally would.

  • If you are an insulin-dependent diabetic, contact your physician regarding insulin for the day. 

    • If you take insulin, please bring it with you.

  • Check with your physician as soon as possible if you take any products that contain aspirin or blood thinners.  These may be discontinued up to a week before your procedure.​

other considerations

Refrain from smoking, if possible.

Remove all make-up, nail polish, and all jewelry, including all body piercing jewelry, prior to your arrival.

parents of young Children

Please visit our Pediatric Intake Instructions on our Pediatrics Page.

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