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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need to bring my ID and Insurance Cards?
    Yes. Please bring both your identification and your health insurance cards with you to every visit.
  • When is my copay due?
    Your copay is due upfront. Please bring you payment with you to your appointment or scheduled procedure.
  • Does anyone have to stay at the Surgery Center with me during my procedure?
    The person you designated to provide rides to and from the Surgery Center may leave if they have a working cell phone that is accessible while you are in our care. We must be able to call this phone in the case of an emergency. In the case where this is not an option, we request that your responsible adult remain on the premises until you are released from our care. Parents of minors must stay in the building at all times while minors are under our care. Sometimes it is helpful to have both parents available to stay during the procedure, though only one parent's presence is required.
  • Parents of Young Children
    We require at least one parent to remain onsite at all times while your child is under our care. Please visit our Pediatrics Page for more information about preparing for your child's procedure.
  • Patients with Disabilities
    For patients that require sign language, we have a portable iPad equipped with a sign language video interpreter to easily translate and effectively communicate with the majority of our patients. If you are a caretaker, we ask that you please remain onsite while your loved one is under our care.
  • Do you provide accommodations for bilingual patients?
    Yes! We have a portable iPad that has both video and audio languages to easily translate and effectively communicate with the majority of our patients.
  • Current COVID-19 Policies
    Masks are mandatory in the building during your visit. Your loved ones may now wait inside the building. Please call to speak with a nurse about any further questions regarding COVID-19.
  • Where can I park when I arrive?
    The UPMC Hamot Surgery Center Parking lot is located on West 3rd Street. Please look for the sign that says "Surgery Center Parking" to ensure you park in the correct lot.
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